Burr Harrison

Burr Powell Harrison ( born July 2, 1904 in Winchester, Virginia; † December 29, 1973 ) was an American politician. He represented the state of Virginia as a delegate in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Burr Harrison, the son of Congressman Thomas W. Harrison, attended the public school in Winchester and then the Woodberry Forest School, Virginia Military Institute, Hampden - Sydney College and the University of Virginia. He graduated in 1926 at the Law School of Georgetown University in Washington. He was admitted as a lawyer in the same year and opened a practice in Winchester. In the years 1932-1940 he was a lawyer in Frederick County. Then he was elected to the Senate of Virginia. His employment there, work done by 1940 until 1942.

After his service in the Senate he became a judge on the 17th Judicial District and the Municipal Court of Winchester. The function of the judge, he practiced there from 1942-1946. After Harrison was simultaneously elected as a Democrat in the 79th and the 80th Congress to fill the vacancy that was created by the resignation of Mr Absalom Willis Robertson. Then he was even elected to Congress seven more times for the seventh district of Virginia. His term lasted from November 5, 1946 to January 3, 1963. During this time he participated in the 1956 protest against the racial integration of public facilities.

Harrison decided in the elections in 1962 for the 88th Congress, to be set up not once again as a candidate. He returned to his job back as a lawyer. Harrison lived until his death on December 29, 1973 in Winchester. He was buried in Mount Hebron Cemetery.