William H. Roane

William Henry Roane (* September 17 1787 in Virginia; † May 11, 1845 in Tree Hill, Virginia ) was an American politician who represented the state of Virginia in both houses of Congress. He was a grandson of Founding Father Patrick Henry.

After he had completed his education, William Roane struck at an early age a political career one. He moved in 1812 to a House of Representatives from Virginia, where he remained until 1815. From the 4th of March this year, he sat for the twelfth Congressional District of Virginia in the House of Representatives of the United States; there he represented the interests of the Democratic- Republican Party. After two years in office, he did not stand for re- election and returned to Virginia, where he became a member of the State Council ( Executive Council).

As a U.S. Senator Richard E. Parker on February 13, 1837 resigned his mandate, William Roane joined, now Democrat, due to the election and decided this for themselves, after which he entered the Senate in Washington on March 14 of the same year. There he finished Parkers until March 3, 1841 current term and served among others as Chairman of the Committee on the District of Columbia. When trying to re-election, he failed at Whig William S. Archer.

Roane retired after from politics and worked as a farmer until his death in May 1845.