James Buchanan Richmond

James Buchanan Richmond ( born February 27, 1842 in Turkey Cove, Lee County, Virginia; † April 30, 1910 in Baltimore, Maryland ) was an American politician. Between 1879 and 1881 he represented the state of Virginia in the U.S. House of Representatives.


James Richmond attended Emory and Henry College in Emory. After a subsequent study of law and qualifying as a lawyer, he began to work in this profession. During the Civil War he served in various positions in the army of the Confederacy, where he rose to lieutenant colonel. After the war, he hit as a member of the Democratic Party launched a political career. In the years 1874 and 1875 he sat in the House of Representatives of Virginia.

In the congressional elections of 1878 was ninth in Richmond electoral district of Virginia in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC chosen, where he became the successor of Auburn Pridemore on March 4, 1879. Until March 3, 1881, he was able to complete a term in Congress. Between 1886 and 1892, Richmond was district judge in Scott County. In the years 1901 and 1902, he participated in a meeting on the revision of the Constitution of Virginia as a delegate. For many years he was legal adviser to the railway company South Atlantic & Ohio Railroad. He also worked in the banking industry. He died on April 30, 1910 in Baltimore.