Benjamin Estil

Benjamin Estil ( born March 13, 1780 in Ville Hanson, Russell County, Virginia; † July 14, 1853 in Oldham County, Kentucky ) was an American politician. Between 1825 and 1827 he represented the state of Virginia in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Benjamin Estil received an academic education. He studied at Washington Academy in Lexington, which later became Washington and Lee University. After studying law and qualifying as a lawyer, he began to work in Abingdon in this profession. In addition, he was prosecutor in Washington County for some time. At the same time he embarked on a political career. Between 1814 and 1817 he sat in the House of Representatives from Virginia. In the 1820s he joined the movement against the future President Andrew Jackson and became a member of the short-lived National Republican Party.

In the congressional elections of 1824 Estil was the 22nd electoral district of Virginia in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC chosen, where he became the successor of Alexander Smyth on March 4, 1825. Until March 3, 1827 he was able to complete a term in Congress. Between 1831 and 1852, Benjamin Estil judge in the 15th Judicial District of Virginia. Then he withdrew into retirement, which he spent on a farm in Kentucky, where he died on 14 July 1853.