Abraham B. Venable

Abraham Bedford Venable ( born November 20, 1758 Prince Edward County, Virginia; † December 26, 1811 in Richmond, Virginia ) was an American politician who represented the state of Virginia in both houses of Congress.

Abraham Venable came to the farm "State Hill " on the territory of today's Worsham to the world. He first visited the Hampden - Sydney College and received his degree in 1780 at the College of New Jersey, later Princeton University. Subsequently he worked as a planter and studied law, after which he was admitted to the bar in 1774 and in Prince Edward County began to practice as a lawyer.

March 4, 1791 Abraham Venable moved as a deputy of the sixth congressional district of Virginia, a House of Representatives of the United States, where he was part of the anti-government anti - Administration Group and remained until March 3, 1799. On December 7, 1803, he returned to the Democratic- Republican Party in Congress back: In the Senate, he took the place of the late Stevens Thomson Mason; the successor to the commissioner appointed John Taylor did not compete for election. Venable resigned his seat already on June 7, 1804 down to become president of the Bank of Virginia.

Abraham Venable was born on December 26, 1811 at a theater fire in Richmond killed. The victims also included Virginia Governor George William Smith. His nephew Abraham Watkins Venable was later also politicians and sat for North Carolina in the U.S. House of Representatives and in Konföderiertenkongress.