List of rail services of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund

The Rhine - Main Transport Association has given its regional rail lines in regular service unique numbers. These are single digits for the S -Bahn and get the abbreviation " S " prefix, while the remaining lines have two -digit numbers to which the type of train ( regional train ( RB), Regional -Express ( RE) and city -Express ( SE) ) is preceded by. The lines are mainly aimed at Frankfurt am Main as the metropolis of the Rhine -Main region, but it also made ​​a series of connecting lines between the other major cities of the composite area. The demand and infrastructure rich accordingly, with the exception of the S -Bahn, many lines also over the composite space beyond.

The city express is to be noted that the German railway no longer offer this product for some time, but the Rhine - Main Transport Association ordered it continues unchanged. Operationally the train rides but mostly, some run as a regional train as Regional Express.

Lines or sections outside the RMV are shown smaller, but partly in the context of transition rates with RMV tickets accessible.

Lines 10-19 (West)

Lines 20-29 (Northwest)

Lines 30-39 (Northeast)

Lines 40-49 (North)

Lines 50-59 ( East)

Lines 60-69 (southeast)

Lines 70-79 (south)

Lines 80-89 (Southwest)

S -Bahn

In the S -Bahn, only the major stations, interchanges and termini of trains that do not use the full range line, called. Full descriptions can be found at list of lines of the S- Bahn Rhein -Main.

From 1995 to 1999 Frankfurt- Airport Regionalbf, Rüsselsheim, Mainz -Kastel was of Hanau Hbf via Frankfurt -Süd, operated by the RE Wiesbaden line 90. Their duties have taken on the additional trains on the line 55 and the then newly appointed S9, albeit partly on other lanes.

The lowercase stations are outside the federation area, are partially but in the context of transition rates with RMV tickets accessible. In each compound, the last station located in the network area is called. Places in parentheses are (usually at rush hour ) operated only by a few rides. However, there are some more tracks and stations - especially in Mainz - who are not stretching the RMV or in which do not hold any RMV trains, which are very well but with RMV tickets still online.

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