NUTS of Austria

NUTS: AT is the code of the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics ( German: " Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics ", abbreviated as NUTS ) the official statistics of the European Union for Austria.

NUTS levels

After the regional breakdown Austria is divided into the following NUTS levels:

  • 3 NUTS 1 regions: groups of provinces (Statistics Regions of the European Communities )
  • 9 NUTS 2 regions: basic administrative units of federal states ( national administrative divisions of Austria)
  • 35 NUTS 3 regions: groups of districts ( political districts, isolated, only one of them, partly judicial districts or regions pure statistics of Statistics Austria / European Communities ) ( The level LAU -1 is not used)
  • 2354 LAU 2 regions: Communities

This structure forms the basis for regional statistical analysis and regional promotion within the EU.

  • Maps

The NUTS 2 regions in Austria

The NUTS-3 regions in Austria

The regions in detail with NUTS code:

AT Austria