UCI Track Cycling World Championships – Men's 1 km time trial

The time trial is a discipline of cycling track. For individual time trial in road cycling see individual time trial.


The time trial is run from a standing start, ie the driver or the driver must first be accelerated to nearly the maximum speed (approx. 200 meters) and then keep them still about 800 meters or about 300 feet. In this discipline in the male range average power of about 1000 watts can be achieved which ( aerobic and anaerobic metabolism muscle glycogen, creatine phosphate ) is only possible with the full use of the various energy reserves. The goal of the athlete is completely exhausted and greatly acidifies its muscles. In contrast to the individual pursuit always starts only one rider at a time.

The time trial is for men over 1000m, women and juniors over 500m.

Results at UCI Track World Championships

By the year 1991, the world championship competition was reserved for the amateurs in the time trial and was not discharged in the years of the Olympic Games in 1972, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, and 1992. After the separation between professionals and amateurs has been lifted. Since category will be held the Track World Championships in the new " elite".