Evanston (Illinois)

Cook County


Evanston is a city in Cook County in the northeast of the U.S. state of Illinois on Lake Michigan. Evanston is just north of Chicago and is part of the Chicago metropolitan area. In 1836, the city was founded in 2000 and had a population of 74 239 inhabitants.

The city was named after the physician and politician, and later governor of Colorado, John Evans, named.

The city is not only known by the campus of Northwestern University and other educational institutions, but also for the seat of Rotary International.


Famous People With reference to the city are

  • Charles Gates Dawes, U.S. Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Bob Bondurant, American race car driver
  • Tamara Braun, Actress
  • William Christopher, actor
  • John Cusack, actor
  • Susie Cusack, Actress
  • Lawrence J. Crabb, psychologist and author
  • Paddy Driscoll, American football player, coach and baseball player
  • Lindsey Durlacher, Ringer
  • Seth Gordon, director, screenwriter and film producer
  • Laurens Hammond, businessman and inventor of the Hammond organ
  • Brian Hansen, speed skaters
  • Barbara Harris, Actress
  • Charlton Heston, a character actor
  • Stafford James, jazz bassist
  • Jim Kolbe, Republican politicians
  • Harald body right, German Bundestag (FDP)
  • Elizabeth McGovern, actress
  • Samuel Merwin, writer, journalist and scriptwriter
  • James Olson, actor
  • William Petersen, actor and producer
  • Edmund S. Phelps, economist
  • Jerry Portnoy, blues musician, a virtuoso on the harmonica
  • Richard Powers, writer
  • Gardner Read, composer
  • Gordon Sherwood, Composer
  • Grace Slick, lead singer of various rock groups
  • Erik Spoelstra, basketball coach
  • " Bebop " Sam Thomas, Jazz Guitarist
  • Peter Ueberroth, sports official
  • Eddie Vedder, singer, songwriter, guitarist and frontman of the band Pearl Jam
  • James Anthony Walker, Composer