FILA Wrestling World Championships

The world championships in wrestling are annually discharged from the FILA, with the exception of years in which to take place Summer Olympic Games. The first World Championship was held in 1904 in Vienna. However, it is questionable whether the world championships, which took place before the Second World War, can be counted as official: usually only participants from the host country of the world championships could not talk. In addition to these world championships, there were numerous other world championships, which today are considered unofficial. In 1923 there was the last Wrestling World Championships until 1950. From then on, the world championships were regularly until the Olympics years discharged. Since 1987 Wrestling World Championships will be held for women. Unlike the men, the women wrestle in the Olympic years, as women 's olympic wrestling since 2004 and at the Olympic Games not competitions are held in all weight classes.

Title Winners 2011

Overview of all 21 world champions and world champions of 2011 (see also Wrestling World Championships 2011):


Abbreviations: Gwk = weight / n With the most successful nation, the nation is meant, which is the first place in the medals table. Alternatively, however, there is also a point system of FILA.