Ittigen, Talgut

Ittigen ( bern German Ittige ) is a municipality in the Bern-Mittelland administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland.


The municipality is located northeast Ittigen right next to the city of Bern in the lower Worblental. Neighboring municipalities are Moosseedorf, Bern, Bolligen, Ostermundigen and Zollikofen. Due to the community through the Worble flows, which flows into the Aare in the district Worblaufen. The A1 motorway crosses the area to the north and west. The roadhouse gray wood on this highway is located in the municipal area.

The highest point of the municipality is the man mountain with 688 meters above sea level. M.. Lowest point is the Aare in Worblaufen 493 m above sea level. M.


The first mention of the district Worblaufen dated from the year 1180, the name Ittigen in 1380 first mentioned. In the Middle Ages, especially the paper mills and the powder pestle were beyond the country's borders known, which is reflected today in the municipal coat of arms.

Ittigen is only since the elimination of Bolligen in 1983 a separate municipality, before it was only a so-called district municipality of Bolligen.

The name of the village may be traced back to the clan of Ito.


The voter shares of the parties at the national elections of 2011 were: SVP 22.7 %, SP 19.1%, BDP 15.2%, FDP 14.6%, GPS 9.5%, 5.1%, glp, EPP 4.6 %, CVP 3.2%, EDU 2.0%, 1.0% pirates.

Partner communities

Economy and Business

In Ittigen there are various federal offices UVEK. In the district Worblaufen is the headquarters of Swisscom.


In Ittigen several former country estates are obtained from Bernese patricians, including the Neuhausgut with the Hochstudhaus, the Thalgut and the Altikofengut with the archive of Gosteli Foundation on the history of women in Switzerland. In the district Worblaufen are located at the headquarters of Swisscom numerous contemporary works of art.