Tennis at the 2008 Summer Olympics

The XXIX. 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing four competitions were held in tennis, men's singles, men's doubles in, in women's singles and women's doubles. The competitions were held in the period 10 - 17th August 2008 instead. Venue was the Olympic Green Tennis Center. In the complex was played on the hard court DecoTurf.

The Olympic tournament is played as the tournaments of the ATP Tour and the WTA Tour from the first round of the knockout process. In contrast to the tournaments of tennis federations contested at the Olympic Games, the respective losers of the semi-final match for the bronze medal.

  • 3.1 Individual
  • 3.2 double

Qualification criteria

A National Olympic Committee (NOC ) could be up to six men and six women nominated for the Olympic tennis tournament. In the individual competitions, the number of athletes was capped at 64. It could not take more than four athletes an NOC. In Doubles events every 32 couples participated. The maximum number of participants per NOC was two pairs. Individual athletes were both in the individual tournaments, as also compete in doubles.

The qualification rules provided for the nomination of 48 athletes on the basis of the tennis world rankings of 9 June 2008 in the individual competitions. Four weeks later, on 2 July 2008, a further eight starting positions were awarded based on the world rankings. There were six places for continental representatives. Already on 31 March 2008, the world of tennis federation had (ITF ) to the four players Komlavi Loglo, Rafael Arévalo (both men), Cara Black and Stephanie Vogt (both ladies) awarded invitations for the tournament.

For the two double tournaments 2008 ten couples were nominated based on their world ranking placement on 9 June. On 2 July 2008, the field was filled in regard to the qualifications of the individual tournaments and continental aspects.







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