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Zwaring - Pöls is a municipality with 1555 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in Styria. From 1 January 2015 it is merged in the Styrian municipality structural reform with the community Dobl, the new community will be called " Dobl - Zwaring ".

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Geographical Location

Zwaring - Pöls is the southernmost municipality in the district of Graz-Umgebung in the Austrian province of Styria. It is located about 15 km south of the provincial capital of Graz and is crossed by the Kainach, a tributary of the River Mur. The municipality is part of the Western Styria.

Community structure

Katastralgemeinden are: Dieter village, Lamberg, Pöls, Wuschan and Zwaring. Towns (population according to register count of 31 October 2011) are: Dieter village (288 ), fading ( 173), Lamberg (115) Pöls at the Wieserbahn (169 ), stone village (178) Wuschan (231) and Zwaring (380 ).


The communities Zwaring and Pöls were merged on 1 January 1968.

Neighboring communities


Located in the northern part of the municipality of the district of fading is attributed to a settlement in the Carolingian period. His settlement history is examined in detail. The name is derived from the name " Fadi ", which has the meaning " man " in the sense of " warrior, hero ". Names end in "- ing", if they can be attributed to local or personal names, constitute evidence of settlements dating from the 7th to the 9th century in the German language area.

The local churches Zwaring and Pöls as autonomous bodies created in 1850. After the annexation of Austria in 1938, the communities came to Reichsgau Styria, 1945-1955 they were part of the British zone of occupation in Austria. The former municipality Pöls at the Wieserbahn was taken on January 1, 1957 from the district of Leibnitz in the district Graz-Umgebung.

The municipalities were merged Zwaring and Pöls Graz-Umgebung on January 1, 1968 on a proposal from the District team. Both communities agree in October 1967 for a voluntary merger, since it gives them a higher share of tax revenue. Only when setting the community name was disagreement. While the church Zwaring and the District Commission for Zwaring - Pöls argued, the community Pöls for Pöls - Zwaring Voices, since the Pöls 1244 first mentioned is the older part of the municipality and there Zwaring - Pöls is alphabetically at the end of the municipalities in the district of Graz-Umgebung.


Because of the scattered nature of the villages the church is divided into four Catholic parishes: Dobl, Hengsberg, Preding and Wundschuh.

Population Development


Parish council

The council consists of 15 members and has been working for the municipal elections in 2010, mandates the following parties together:


Mayor since January 1995, the Member of Parliament Ernst Gödl (ÖVP ). He was at the time of taking office 23 years old.

Mayor for the municipality amalgamation:

  • 01/ 1968 - 10/ 1968 Johann Herzog
  • 10/1968 - 01/ 1976: Martin Wagner
  • 01 / 1976-09 / 1982: Johann Lenhardt
  • 09 /1982 - 09/ 1993: Siegfried Thomann
  • 10/1993 - 12/ 1993: Johann Grundner
  • 12/1993 - 12/ 1994: Johann Kainz
  • 01 /1995 - present: Ernst Gödl

Coat of arms

Description: Argent, a front top right angle gutted blue lace, this front of three superimposed through green bales, accompanied by four diagonally lined up bales below.

Explanation: The green dots in the coat of arms stand for the individual villages in the municipality, which are separated by a blue icon, featuring our river, the Kainach.

Culture and sights


The Pöls castle was first mentioned in 1244 as Zehenthof of the Bishop of Salzburg. End of the 16th century, it was developed into a nobleman 's seat, which often changed hands in the subsequent period. End of the 18th century, the castle finally served as a brewery, which was, however, already closed again in 1801. In 1840 the estate was in the possession of the family of Saffran, most recently until 1855 by Ludwig Freiherr von Saffran. Estate and castle were Pöls 1855 by Friederike, Duchess of Oldenburg, nee Baroness von Washington after her marriage to Maximilian Emanuel of Washington, a relative of the first president of the United States, George Washington, were acquired. The family commissioned the Viennese architect Moritz Wappler with basic alterations, some of which were designed as " buildings in the Swiss Style". Was highlighted in a contemporary source of " poultry house ... which was built by the rationnellsten principles provided with eggs, breeding and fattening facility, provides space for about 30 races of various chickens and pheasants, which according to their outlet to the fenced with low wire mesh squares have the garden side. " Furthermore, was in the business area of ​​the castle is a luxury stables. The property included 108 acres of land and a few acres of leased land.

The Pöls castle was under the Washington family to a model farm. Max of Washington was referred to in contemporary literature as "one of the most outstanding authorities of Austria in the areas of agriculture and farmers ," The operation had particularly in poultry, fish, pigs and horses, but also in working with agricultural machinery model effect. At his coronation as King of Hungary in 1876, the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I was riding a stallion from the Pölser stable. Maximilian of Washington held in 1863 in Pöls the first agricultural fair in Styria. The grounds of the castle park, whose grounds had been nearly bald on the acquisition in 1855, goes back to Friederike von Oldenburg, the exotic plants such as tulip tree, laciniate beech, paulownia and other plants could plant this. In later years, the focus was on poultry farming, which has also included an extensive consignments of hatching eggs is documented. In the years 1870/71 the estate was for family reasons in economic difficulties, but managed to recover from it again, remained until the death of Friederike of Washington on March 20, 1891 in their possession, and then went over to her son George Washington. On the occasion of his second marriage to Maria Kreuzig on November 24, 1924 George Washington wore his possessions ( with the exception of small donations to his extramarital daughter Huberta of High Tide ) to his wife. Mary Washington sold the castle together with the Country Estate 1928 Family Barons of Allesch in their property it is today. (H. Rößmann, great-grandson of Mary Washington ).

Natural Monuments

On 23 June 2003, a giant spruce was uprooted (or grand fir ) in the park of Pöls, which in 1856 I of King Otto of Greece ( brother of Marie Friederike of Washington), on the occasion of his visit to Castle Pöls (together with his wife Amalie was born Duchess of Oldenburg and sister of Friederike of Washington) planted, and had a circumference of 5 m. (H. Rößmann - quoted from the Upper Bavarian Archive / Band 131).

Holy Rinn '

The " Holy Rinn ' " is a source in a wooded area in the south of the church. The water from this source is said to have special powers, since a nearly blind woodcutter said to have begun again to see better by washing his eyes with this water in the 19th century. The site was restored in the years 2001/ 02 and consecrated on August 14, 2006 by the pastor of Preding.


In Zwaring - Pöls multiple world record holder in pumpkin seed cleaning are at home. The Pölserin Hannelore Klement introduced in 2002 with 26.2 kg in an hour a new world record. Second was her husband Johann Klement. Her neighbor Pracher Rosa, who had won the competition in 1999 and 2001, was its predecessor as world record holder.


  • The MBC Koeflach - Zwaring has its model airfield in Zwaring.
  • Riding and Driving Club Kainachtal seat on riding Pichler in Wuschan, Zwaring - Pöls

Economy and infrastructure

As in the community, there was no post office and the villages are scattered, there are seven different zip codes.


Although Zwaring - Pöls is off the main roads, but is well connected to the national road network. The Phyrn motorway (A9 ) to Graz and Slovenia can be reached via the junction 202/Wildon in about 5 km. The south motorway (A2 ) to Klagenfurt is on the junction Lieboch about 8 km away. This also gives access to Radlpass Road ( B76 ) to Germany mountain.

In the municipality Zwaring - Pöls there is no access to the rail network. The nearest train stations are in Werndorf in about 7 km away with access to the Southern Railway and hourly train connections to Graz and Leibnitz and in Oisnitz -St. Josef with access to Wieserbahn Lieboch - Meadow Graz-Köflacher railway in about 6 km away.

Graz Airport is about 10 km away.

Established businesses

The municipality is the substation Kainachtal the Austrian Electricity Management AG.



  • Sundl Franz (1919 - 2002), municipal secretary from 1945 to 1979, honorary citizen since 1979
  • Ernst Haas, a pioneer in the Kainachregulierung, honorary citizen since 1983
  • Ramona Plöb, an employee at the town hall from 1968 to 2000, honorary citizen since 2000

Historical Maps

  • Historical maps of the territory of Zwaring and Pöls

Zwaring and Pöls 1879, recording Journal of the land survey

Francisco - Josephinian land survey, about 1910 ( left)