2009 Formula Renault 3.5 Series season

The Formula Renault 3.5 season of 2009 is the twelfth season of Formula Renault 3.5, the main series of World Series by Renault. The season started on April 18, 2009 at the Circuit de Catalunya and ended on 25 October 2009 at the new Motor City.

  • 4.1 Drivers' Championship
  • 4.2 Evaluation team

Starter box

All teams use Dallara chassis and Renault V6 engines.

Changes in drivers

  • Pasquale di Sabatino: Red Devil Team Comtec → RC Motorsport
  • Esteban Guerrieri: Ultimate Motorsport → RC Motorsport
  • Alexandre Marsoin: Epsilon Euskadi → Comtec Racing
  • Miguel Molina: Prema Powerteam → Ultimate Motorsport
  • Daniil Move: KTR → P1 Motorsport
  • Sten Pentus: Red Devil Team Comtec → Mofaz Fortec Motorsport
  • James Walker: Fortec Motorsport → P1 Motorsport


The racing season calendar 2009 includes nine tracks, take place on each of which two races. The first race is the sprint, the second is the major races on the respective race track. An exception was the race in Monaco, in which only the main race was held. In addition, the race in Monaco the only one that took place during the Formula 1.

Points system

In the 2009 season, there are the following points system:

Furthermore, there is a bonus point for the driver who makes good most positions in the race.

On a race weekend (except Monaco), a driver can have a maximum 32 points, a team achieve a maximum 57 point.

The starting grid is determined as follows: The 26 cars are divided into two groups for each 20 - minute workout. The top six riders in each group take part in the subsequent Superpole qualifying. At the starting grid for the sprint race at first the best eight riders of the Superpole qualifying in reverse order, the first starting places. This is followed by the last four riders of the Superpole qualifying (not in reverse order ), and the remaining 14 riders in the order of training result. In the main, however, the first race starting positions of the top eight riders of the Superpole qualifying to be taken in the order of the training results. The rest of the starting places will be distributed to the result of the first race accordingly.

In Monte Carlo and Portimão another scoring system was used because there was no Superpole qualifying. The points for the qualifications were awarded to each qualifying group.


Drivers' championship

  • Fat - Pole Position
  • Italics - Fastest lap
  • * - Because of the short distance but not counted in the target,

Team standings