Academy Award for Technical Achievement

The Oscar for technical merit ( Academy Technical Achievement Award ) is a vergebenene since 1931 award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of improvement of technical equipment and methods in the film industry.

For the price it is a so-called Class III award, as the winners no Oscar statuette (Class I) or Oscar - sticker ( Class II ) is obtained, but an Oscar certificate. In part, several prizes were awarded in this category in one year.





"For the engineering of an improved Background Process Projection System"

1970 to 1979



( Jackman ) Which Comprise together the non -gun safety blank firing system " 4 "For his pioneering concept and for the development of mounting a motion picture camera on a remotely -controlled miniature helicopter " 5 "For the design and development of the Sonosax SX -S portable audio mixer " 6 "For the creation and development of the Bio -Snow 2 Flake" 7 "For the development of Cyberware 3030 3D digitizer " 8 "For the development of the Polhemus 3 Space Digitizing System" 9 "For pioneering computerized motion picture budgeting and scheduling" 10 "For development of the " Scriptor "software" 11 "For the development of the Kino Flo Portable, Flicker Free, High Output Fluorescent Lighting System for motion picture set illumination" 12 "For the pioneering effort of computer -controlled list management style ADR ( Automated Dialogue Replacement ) " 13 "For the advancement and refinement of the computer -controlled list management style ADR ( Automated Dialogue Replacement ) system via the ADR system did LarTech Has established Itself as a standard of the industry" 14 "As designer and sole manufacturer of the Eight - Bladed Ritter fan propeller " 15 "For his pioneering work in the field of film input scanning"