Ben Hogan

William Ben Hogan ( born August 13, 1912 in Dublin, Texas, † July 25, 1997 in Fort Worth, Texas) was an American golfer.

His swing is still considered to be the perfect movement. Since Ben Hogan golf professionals spend a lot of time on the driving range to improve their swing. The Ben Hogan quote " Every day that you do not spend at the driving range with practice, it means one more day in the quest to become a great golfer ," showing his ambitious attitude to training. His drive for perfection brought a Ben Hogan 64 Tour wins, including nine major title. 1953 at the height of his career he reached the first professional golfer three major victories ( Masters, U.S. Open, The Open Championship ) in one year. On winning the PGA Championship, he was probably held only by the temporal overlap with the Open Championship. In 1954, Ben Hogan, a company that manufactures high-quality golf clubs.

In 1974, he was among the first golfers who were included in the newly created World Golf Hall of Fame.

Results in major tournaments

NT = No Tournament / No tournament DNP = Did not play / Not Taken WD = Withdrew / task CUT = Missed Cut / Cut missed R64, R32, R16, QF, SF = Round in Match Play "T " = Split place Green = Yellow = Wins Top 10 Rank