Rolf Jobst

Rolf Jobst ( born March 31, 1951 in Ebersbach ) is a former rower from the German Democratic Republic. In 1972 he won the Olympic silver medal with the coxed four.


Jobst won in 1966 and 1968 with the eighth at the Spartakiade. After the first two World Rowing Championships in 1962 and 1966 each of the eight had obtained from the Federal Republic of Germany the title won in 1970 as a complete surprise to the DDR - eight, which was composed of coach Elmar Anthony from very young rowers. Hans -Joachim Puls, Klaus -Peter Foppke, Bernd Ahrendt, Eckhard Martens, Reinhard Gust, Dietrich Zander, Rolf Jobst, Ernst- Otto Borchmann and helmsman Reinhard tooth were sure to have the attribute Baby - eighth. 1971 occupied the GDR eighth at the European Championships in second place behind the boat from New Zealand.

For 1972 four rowers from the back were placed in a foursome. Zander Dietrich, Reinhard Gust, Eckhard Martens and Rolf Jobst should compete together with the tax man Klaus -Dieter Ludwig against the so-called Bull of four from the Federal Republic of Germany who had this boat class dominated since 1969. In the final of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, West German boat won ahead of the boat from the GDR, the margin of victory of nearly one and a half seconds. After the resignation of Bull quad documents the five rowers from the GDR in 1973 at the European Championships in Moscow by boat from the hosts.

Rolf Jobst launched for the SC Dynamo Berlin. After his career, he worked as a graduate economist at the Sports Club Dynamo.