Thorsten Engelmann

Thorsten Engelmann (born 20 July 1981 in Berlin ) is a German sweep rowers.

He learned the RV Collegia rowing and moved in 1996 to the rowing club Tegel 1886 eV In 2000 he was U23 world champion in eighth and since 2001 was Thorsten Engelmann together with athletes such as Sebastian Schulte and Bernd Heidicker the main cast of Germany rowing eight, with whom he after World Cup bronze (2001 and 2005), world Championship silver (2002) in Eton 2006 World Champion. At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, he was fourth.

While studying economics at the Ruhr University in Bochum, he also completed several semesters at the University of Cambridge. He qualified in 2006 and 2007 for the University Boat and denied the world famous boat race. After losing in 2006 with his team against the aft from Oxford, he led the Cambridge team in 2007 as a hitter for the win. The year 2007 also proved to remain positive and ended with a runner-up title for the eighth. After his return to Germany and mediocre performances at the World Cup in 2008, he lost his place in the Germany of eight, after the German Rowing Association was formed a completely new team just before the Olympics.

Currently Engelmann has been working in the internal audit at ThyssenKrupp AG in Dusseldorf as a controller.

8 May 2010 Engelmann was opponents of Stefan Raab in the TV show Schlag den Raab, but he lost this TV debate by half a million euros in the fourteenth game.