Kembs is a French municipality with 4634 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Haut-Rhin in the Alsace region.


Cambete or Cambes was in Roman times on the road from Augusta Raurica after Argentovaria and is already mentioned in the Antonine Itinerary. Today's Kembs is located in the border triangle Germany -France- Switzerland directly on Huningue Canal and the Rhine side channel and is known for the local 1932 started operating hydroelectric plant Kembs.

The neighboring municipalities are Rosenau in the south, Bart home in the southwest, Sierentz, Geispitzen and Schlierbach in the west and in the north Niffer. In the east Kembs borders on Germany; the old Rhine where it forms the border. Right of the Rhine lies on the German side the village Kleinkems that is Efringen churches since 1974 part of the community.

The surrounding larger cities are Mulhouse (20 km north-west ), Lörrach ( 30 km southeast ), Saint -Louis (15 km south) and Basel (20 km south).

To Kembs include the south of the core village lying districts Schaeferhof, LOECHLE and Richardshaeuser.

In the Kembs Kembs - Niffer branch channel starts.

Church in the district LOECHLE

Hydropower plant Kembs



Kembs is a member of the Communauté de communes des Trois Frontières.