Mitsubishi eK

Mitsubishi eK Sport (1990-1996)

The Mitsubishi eK is a Japanese kei car, which was built by Mitsubishi Motors on the basis of the well-known Minica and on 11 October 2000 at a price of ¥ 910,000 to ¥ 1,108,000 introduced. According to the company the name stands for "excellent Keijidōsha " ( = excellent mini-cars ). It is available as eK Wagon ( introduced October 2001), eK Sport ( September 2002), eK Classic ( since May 2003 ) or eK Active ( May 2004 ). The series was revised in September 2006 and offered for ¥ 913,500 to ¥ 1,484,700 ..

Immediately after his imagination got the car a prize for good design from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for 2001 First, it was expected that 10,000 sales per month. ; but then 13,000 units were sold within the first four days and the end of October 2001, there were already 20,000 copies. On the domestic market, it is Mitsubishi's strongest selling model and 2005 about 480,000 units were sold. Since 2005, Nissan gets a year delivered 36,000 eK, which are sold as Nissan Otti ..


The 5-door station wagons have four seats. They are equipped with in-line three-cylinder engines, which are fitted crosswise and drive the front wheels. There are also versions with all-wheel drive.

The engines have the Mitsubishi 3G83 coding and are equipped with a single overhead camshaft ( SOHC ) and 12 valves. The displacement is uniformly 657 cm3. The naturally aspirated developed at a compression ratio of 10,2:1 an output of 50 hp ( 37 kW) at 6500 min-1 and a torque of 62 Nm at 4000 min -1. If a turbocharger connected, are the corresponding values ​​: 8.5:1 compression, power 64 hp ( 47 kW) at 6000 min -1 and torque 93 Nm at 3500 min -1.

The front wheels are suspended by MacPherson struts, the rear wheels are made ​​from A-arms. The model eK Wagon has tires measuring 155 /65 R 13 while the eK Sport having the tires sized 165 /55 R 14. In any case, the turning circle diameter is 4.40 m.

Production and sales figures

The production figures include the Nissan made ​​for copies, while the sales figures only take into account the vehicles sold as Mitsubishi.

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