Mitsubishi Town Box

Mitsubishi Town Box

Mitsubishi Town Box / Town Box WIDE

The Mitsubishi Town Box is a kei car minivan was the Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors. It was manufactured from 1999 as a successor to the minicab ( minivan ). Initially, there was the Town box with a four-cylinder engine type 4A30 with 657 cc aluminum cylinder head, but a series 3G83 three-cylinder engine with 659 cm ³ has since 2002 built type. At the same time slightly larger version that was marketed as the Mitsubishi Town Box Wide and a 1.1 -liter R4 engine ( 1094 cc ) had been set. There were also versions with all-wheel drive. In November 2011, the sale and the model ended was replaced by the Mitsubishi Bravo.

Proton Juara

The Town Box Wide was also built under license in Malaysia under the name of Proton Proton Juara from 2001 to 2003.

Mitsubishi / Soueast Veryca (since 2005)

As Mitsubishi Veryca or Soueast Veryca it is produced since 2005 by Soueast.

Nissan Clipper Rio U71W/U72W ( 2007-2012)

From 2007 to January 2012, the minicab by badge engineering by Nissan as Nissan Clipper Rio was offered. Differences existed in the design of the radiator grille and the badges.

Proton Juara

Clipper Rio

Clipper Rio dashboard

Production and sales figures

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