Ravanusa is a town of the province of Agrigento on the Mediterranean island of Sicily.

Location and data

Ravanusa is 56 kilometers east of Agrigento and 24 kilometers north of Licata. Here live 11,881 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2012), who mainly work in agriculture. It produces cereals, almonds, vineyards and olive groves.

The village shared the station Campobello - Ravanusa with the place Campobello di Licata. The station was on the railway line Caltanissetta Gela - Syracuse. In Canicattì also the nearest hospital, 17 miles from Ravanusa and ten miles from Campobello is removed.

The neighboring municipalities are Butera (CL ), Campobello di Licata Licata, Mazzarino (CL ), Naro, Riesi (CL) and Sommatino (CL).


The area around Ravanusa been inhabited since the 7th century BC. The exact founding date of the church today is unknown, it is in the period 1616-1625.


Worth seeing is the parish church, which was built in the 17th century. The San Giorgio 's Church was built in the 15th century by monks and nuns.

The excavations at Monte Saraceno are about 1.5 kilometers outside the city. Here is a Greek settlement dating from the 7th century BC, excavated, but what you can not see, as it is on private land. Monte Saraceno is actually no Monte ( mountain ) but more of a hill, which is fenced off for about seven years.

Twin Cities

The German twin town of Ravanusa is Sulzbach / Saar.