Cammarata is a city in the province of Agrigento in the Italian region Sicily.

Location and data

Cammarata is 52 km north of Agrigento. Here live 6264 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012), mainly in the industry (furniture and metal processing ) and agricultural work. The neighboring municipalities are Acquaviva Platani (CL ), Castel Termini, Castronovo di Sicilia ( PA), Mussomeli (CL ), San Giovanni Gemini, Santo Stefano Quisquina, Vallelunga Pratameno (CL) and Villalba (CL).


The origin is Arabic.


The church of San Nicola di Bari, built in the 12th century, renovated in the 17th century. It is dedicated to San Nicola di Bari. Inside is a painting of the Madonna della Catena. Worth seeing is the Church of San Vito. The church Sant'Annunziata dates from the 14th century. The old castle is preserved only as a ruin, there are still some walls and two towers available.

South of the town lies the Monte Cammarata ( 1578 m asl ), the highest peak of the Monti Sicani.