2009 UCI World Ranking

The UCI World Calendar as well as the corresponding world ranking broke into the 2009 season, the UCI ProTour. While this still formally existed, but it no points were awarded or published rankings. The World Calendar 2009 included not only the 14 ProTour race another 10 such as the Tour de France, the Giro d' Italia and the Vuelta a España. These races were a separate category (HIS - Historic race) marked. Participants were the 18 selected for the ProTour teams, and when they were invited by an organizer, the 21 Professional Continental teams.


For the ProTour teams selected:

Professional Continental teams that have scored points for the world ranking:


Race of the HIS- category listed in italics.


The final standings of the individual, team and nations of the new UCI World rankings:

Individual classification

267 drivers have scored at least one point.

Team standings

The team ranking is determined by the points of the 5 best riders of each team are added together.

34 teams have scored at least one point.

Nations Cup

The national ranking is determined by the points of the 5 best drivers from each country will be added.

Drivers from 34 nations have achieved at least a point.


  • Category 1: Tour de France
  • Category 2: Giro d' Italia, Vuelta a España
  • Category 3: Monuments of cycling, Miscellaneous tours
  • Category 4: Rest day races