Bimenes is a Spanish municipality ( concejo in Asturias, corresponds to the municipio in the rest of Spain) in the autonomous region of Asturias. It is bordered to the north and east Siero and Nava, on the south by Laviana and San Martin del Rey Aurelio, in the west back to Nava. The main town is Martimporra.

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As almost everywhere in Asturias colonization of the region is to prove to the Paleolithic. Barrow- in " Piedrafita " and " Lancosa " testify today. Wall castles on the " Pico Castiello ", in " La Millar " and " Santa Cristina ", were built to protect the mines and the far-reaching, still visible trade routes.

1161, the name is first mentioned in the documents of the monastery of San Vicente ( Oviedo). Until the 19th century the Concejo is governed and administered by regional families and the Archdiocese of Oviedo.

The coat of arms

  • Top left: Coat of arms of the Benedictine Congregation of Valladolid
  • Top right: coat of arms of the House " Alvarez de las Asturias "
  • Bottom left: Coat of arms of the House Estrada
  • Bottom right: Coat of arms of the House Balvidares


The community has with its 1812 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013) covers an area of ​​32.69 km ². The largest peak is the Peña Mayor with 1,144 m.


Limestone and other metamorphic sedimentary rocks are the dominant rock formations. The mountain ranges of the Sierra de Peña limit the community in the East and are typical for this region.

Rivers and Lakes

The Rio Fuensanta and several of its tributaries traverse the community.


Bimenes is dominated by agriculture for centuries. In recent times, it has come to specialize in the production of Sidra. The merger of some communities of Asturias to " Mancomunidad Sidra " (production and marketing company of several municipalities) has made this Produktonszweig viable again. Trade and industry exist only in small and medium-sized businesses.

Transport links

  • Nearest international airport: Airport Asturias in Oviedo.
  • Stops the feve or ALSA in any place.
  • Railway connection to the network, RENFE in almost any place.


The 9 seats in the municipal council are distributed as follows:



The municipality is divided into 3 Bimenes parroquias:

  • San Emeterio ( Santu Medero )
  • San Julián ( Santuyano )
  • Suares


  • Iglesia ( church) de San Julián
  • Capilla (chapel ) de Santa Bárbara with the vestry
  • Palacio ( Palace) de Martimporra

Festivals and Celebrations

The most famous Feria is probably the " Feria de Ganado Primavera ", the great " cattle market " in April Rozaes.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Graciano Canteli Rodriguez (1895-1980) Diplomat
  • Xulio Vixil (1964 ), Asturian writer


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