El Franco

El Franco is a municipality in the autonomous community of Asturias, in northern Spain. The community lies with its administrative seat of the judicial district of La Caridad Castropol. The highest point of the village is the " La Penouta " with 899 m.


In the north, the community is bordered by the Cantabrian Sea, south of Boal and Castropol, on the west by Coaña, east of Tapia de Casariego.


Small finds from the Neolithic evidence of early settlement in the region. Ruins of a fort from prehistory and early Historical period in Arancedo and neighboring Coaña and Mohias are still visible today.

During the Middle Ages El Franco was divided into the dioceses of Lugo and Oviedo, however, the administrative capital was at this time Castropol.

1852, the county seat of El Franco was finally placed in the Parroquia La Caridad, where it still is today.



The predominantly of limestone and sandstone subsoil with the La Penouta ( 899 m) as highest point is typical of the entire coastal region with its steep cliffs, bays, forests and meadows.


The municipality is crossed by Porcía and Mazo.


The proximity to the Gulf Stream, there is here an almost Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters, in spring and autumn it is sometimes relatively strong storms.


First of all the employees is animal husbandry and fishery. The dairy industry is continuing as provided with the highest growth after the fishing began to grip the EU's protective measures.

The tourism and management companies are the second largest position of the employer, the tourism has the greatest growth in the region.

Medium-sized trading and manufacturing companies are mainly found in the smaller industrial parks in the surrounding communities.



The 11 seats of the council are distributed as follows among the political parties:


  • Completed La iglesia (church) de Santa María, built on Roman foundations in the 18th century
  • El palacio de Miudes from the 16th century
  • El palacio de Fonfría from the 16th century
  • El palacio de Jardón, with the quinta de San Jorge
  • Las escuelas (schools) de Viavélez
  • La torre (palace) Valdepares

Festivals and Celebrations

  • June 24 - San Juan de Prendones in Valdepares.
  • July 16, el Carmen - in Miudes.
  • August 2, Santo Ángel in Viavélez
  • September 8: el día de los Remedios


The municipality of El Franco is divided into 8 parroquias:

  • Arancedo - 256 inhabitants (2006)
  • La Braña - 262 inhabitants ( 2006)
  • La Caridad - 1,799 inhabitants ( 2006)
  • Lebredo - 53 inhabitants (2006)
  • Miudes - 550 inhabitants ( 2006)
  • Prendones - 309 inhabitants ( 2006)
  • Valdepares - 698 inhabitants ( 2006)
  • Villalmarzo - 138 inhabitants (2006)

(Source: INE )

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Don José Fernández Montaña ( Padre Montaña )
  • D. Enrique Valentín Iglesias García
  • D. Jesús Álvarez Valdés
  • D. Eduardo Jardón Perisé
  • D. Marcelino Fernández Fernández
  • Doña María del Socorro ( Corin Tellado )
  • And the writer Don José García García, Don Jesús Alvarez Valdes, Doña Laura Rodríguez Brañanova and Doña Beatriz Fernández Méndez, Don Vicente Pérez Suárez, Ana Rebollada and Perfecto Rodriguez

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