List of Formula One World Drivers' Champions

The following lists provide an overview of all Formula 1 World Championship for drivers and constructors.

The Formula 1 World Champion title is awarded annually by the International Automobile Federation FIA to those drivers or designer who has collected the most World Cup points during the season. Points are awarded according to a fixed point system per world championship race. The Formula 1 World Championship was held for the first time in 1950, the first world champion of the Italian Giuseppe " Nino " Farina Alfa Romeo.

In total, up to the 2013 season in 64 seasons and 32 drivers in 56 seasons 14 designers won the world title in Formula 1. Record title winner Michael Schumacher is among the drivers with seven overall wins, a record among the teams keeps Ferrari with 16 titles.

After the season

List of drivers world champion

1 The number of points corresponding to each evaluated for the World Cup points, not the actually won; to 1990, there was void results.

2 combination of the manufacturer of the vehicle ( chassis ) and the engine suppliers; in some cases they are identical (for example, Ferrari); the link leads to the designer of the vehicle, respectively.

3 The World Cup in 1952 and 1953 after the Formula 2 regulations take place in the years (including with significantly lower engine displacement ).

4 Posthumously

List of Constructors' World Champion

1 The number of points corresponding to each evaluated for the World Cup points, not the actually won; to 1978, there was void results, also only the best-placed driver of a designer was seen.

After driver

After designer

After the engine manufacturer

Note: From the International Automobile Federation (FIA ) not an official world title for the most successful engine supplier of the season will be awarded. If the FIA do that, it would have a third scoring next to the driver and give constructors' championship, in which each engine manufacturer represented in the field gets recorded in each case all points, the help of his unit have been achieved. Therefore, the following table shows separately the drivers ' and constructors' titles from where the respective engine manufacturer was involved (example: In 1994, a driver was using a Ford engine world champion, but the Constructors' title went to a vehicle traveling with Renault aggregates Team). " F" stands for according to drivers 'title and "K" for constructors' title.

After the tire manufacturer

Note: Here the same applies as for the engine manufacturers. The FIA ​​awards a title for the best tire supplier of the season. Furthermore, it is approved in accordance with the current regulations since 2007, only one tire manufacturer. Therefore, the following table shows separately from the drivers 'and constructors' titles in which the respective tire manufacturer was involved. In the years 1952, 1954 and 1981 Drivers' World Champion changed the tires during the season.