Montefalco is a municipality with 5715 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in the province of Perugia, Umbria region in Italy.

On a hill above the rivers Topino and Clitunno located in 431 meters above sea level, from this " balcony of Umbria " is a wider view of the plain to Perugia and Assisi, Foligno and Spello, Trevi and Spoleto.

The name Falkenberg went to the place previously Coccorone was, in the middle of the 13th century, probably in honor of the Emperor Frederick II, who often stayed here for falconry. Even today adorns the coat of arms of the hawk and one of the city gates.


The old town is surrounded by a well-preserved city wall from the 13th century with four goals. Worth seeing

  • Palazzo Comunale, the Town Hall in Piazza del Comune (built in 1270)
  • Patrician houses Palazzo Bontadosi ( 16th century), Palazzo de Cuppis ( rebuilt in 1480/9 ), Palazzo Santi Gentili (late 16th century), Palazzi Senili (16th century, Corso Mameli Goffredo / Piazza del Comune ), Palazzi Tempestivi (16th century, Piazzetta Mustafà / Via Tempestivi )
  • Churches: Sant ' Agostino ( Church of St. Augustine, erb 1279-85, before San Giovanni Battista )
  • Collegiate San Bartolomeo, Romanesque church (11th century)
  • Santa Chiara da Montefalco ( 1615-70 ) with the grave of St. Clare of Montefalco, frescoes, and the Augustinian Monastery of St. Clare [ the Holy Cross and St. Catherine of Alexandria ] ( Santuario di Montefalco, Santuario di Santa Chiara della Croce )
  • San Leonardo (13th century, former Santa Maria del Paradiso ) with Abbey ( Augustinian, former mother monastery of S. Chiara )
  • San Filippo Neri ( Oratorian, erb 1705 profaned 1860)
  • San Fortunato ( erb 1442 Observant )
  • San Francesco ( erb 1336/40, Franciscans, profaned 1863): Here, the Pinakothek with works by Perugino and Benozzo Gozzoli
  • Sant ' Illuminata (1491/1500, Augustinian, the Collegiate di San Bartolomeo assumed )
  • Santa Maria della Consolazione ( erb 1588): Frescoes
  • Santa Maria di Piazza (16th century)
  • Santa Maria della Selvetta, today San Rocco (13th century, Franciscan Small / Trertianer to 1526, Poor Clares, 1536-1577, 1947 reconstructed )
  • Santa Maria di Turrita (12th century)
  • And Santa Maria delle Grazie ( to 1769, San Lorenzo, 12th century ), Santa Elisabetta di Vecciano (17th century ), Santa Maria dei Laici ( 17th century), Chiesa dell ' Addolorata (approx. 1269 former Tertianerinnenkloster ), San Clemente ( erb 1577, former Tertianerinnenkloster, dilapidated )

Near the town are the churches of San Fortunato (15th century), with frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli, Santa Illuminata (16th century), Madonna della Stella and San Rocco (first Franciscan church).


Around Montefalco Sagrantino is cultivated the vine from which the famous red Sagrantino di Montefalco is made.

  • Montefalco, Porta S. Agostino
  • Convento San Fortunato, Fresco Francis of Assisi
  • Montefalco Sagrantino grape
  • Montefalco