Panicale is a municipality with 5669 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in the province of Perugia in the Umbria region of Italy.


The municipality covers 79 km ². It is located about 130 km southeast of Florence and about 30 km southwest of Perugia. The place is located in a hilly area between Lake Trasimeno and the Nestore, a tributary of the Tiber River and is part of the Comunità Montana Trasimeno Medio Tevere.

The districts include Casalini, Cerreto, Colgiordano, Colle Calzolaro, Colle San Paolo, Gioveto, Lemura, Macereto, Migliaiolo, Mirabella, Missiano, Mongiovino, Montale, Poggio di Braccio, Tavernelle, Terrazzella and Via delle Parti.

The neighboring municipalities are Castiglione del Lago, Magione, Paciano, Perugia and Piegaro.


The first human settlements in the village date back to 2000 BC. After the Etruscans dominated the area, which was in close proximity to three cities of the Twelve Cities (Arezzo, Chiusi and Perugia). In the Middle Ages the town was strongly tied to Perugia and became the granary. 1316 was the first statute of the municipality, written or Notary Pietro di Vannuccio in Latin, by 1484 this was translated into Italian. From 1416 until his death in 1424 the place was under the rule of the condottieri Braccio da Montone, who left the church his successors. 1540 Panicale was taken (as well as the protector of Perugia) the Papal State and remained under its rule until the Risorgimento ( with the exception of French occupation from 1798 to 1813 ).


  • Chiesa della Madonna della Sbarra, church was completed in 1625.
  • Chiesa di San Sebastiano, contains the fresco in 1505 created Martirio di san Sebastiano of Perugino.
  • Chiesa di Sant'Agostino, 1502 completed church. The altar was designed by Giambattista di Cristoforo 1513.
  • Collegiate di San Michele Arcangelo church from the 11th century, expanded in 1546 and restored in the 17th century. Contains the work of Giovan Battista Caporali Natività from the ahr 1519.
  • Santuario della Madonna di Mongiovino, contains a painting by Orazio Alfani


Community partnerships

  • La Verrière, Yvelines, France, since 1987.