Umbertide is a small town in the Umbrian province of Perugia in Italy. It lies on the left bank of the Tiber, in a green hilly landscape, which is dominated by the image of the highest elevation of the area of Monte Acuto, with its 926 meters. The city lies 247 meters above sea level and has 16,628 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2012), called Umbertidesi. The area is 200.16 km ².


For those regarded as worth seeing buildings include the Church of S. Maria della Reggia from the 16th century and the church of S. Croce in the 17th century.


The economy of the municipality of Umbertide is traditional and is based on the income from agriculture ( production of olive oil, wine, grain, tobacco, and on the cattle and pig ); but today also secure the industrial branches located here ( in the following areas: textiles, metal and engineering, food and building materials), local craft shops (in the ceramic production and wood processing) and tourism to the area considerable resources.

Sons and daughters of the town