Film Independent Spirit Awards

The Independent Spirit Awards are the American film awards for Hollywood independent film productions. The last ceremony was held on 1 March 2014.


Prizes will be awarded in different categories of the organization Film Independent (until 2004 IFP / Los Angeles ) for Hollywood independent productions, Independent films. The first award was in 1984 under the name FINDIE ( Friends of Independents ). Two years later, the prices received its present name.

Film Independent is a non -for-profit organization that promotes independent production and distribution films and wants to help filmmakers from marginalized groups in American society to be able to tell their stories. The organization has more than 6,300 members.

Film Independent organized by the Los Angeles Film Festival, where the best American and international independent productions are presented. The Independent Film Awards will be presented at this festival, traditionally a night before the award of the Oscars in a tent on the beach in Santa Monica, near the Santa Monica pier. The members of Film Independent vote after screenings of the nominated films and determine the winner.


  • Best Film (since 1986) Excellent are the producers of the films. Since 2001, two prizes will be awarded: one for films with a budget over $ 500,000, one for films including ( to the directors and screenwriters get ). Since 2002, the second prize " John Cassavetes Award " is in memory of perhaps the most famous of all independent filmmaker, John Cassavetes.
  • Excellent are the directors and the producers of the films. 2000 were awarded two prizes: one for films with a budget over $ 500,000, one for films including ( to the directors received ).
  • Excellent are the films' directors.
  • The " Truer Than Fiction Award" ( truer than fiction ) is designed to promote a documentary filmmaker and is worth 25,000 dollars. The prize, the directors. Since 2001, a second undoped prize will be awarded next still, the simple " Best Documentary " is and also goes to the directors.
  • The price ( $ 25,000 prize ) goes to a person who has the special qualities which made a producer of independent films are particularly affected by evidence.
  • The price ( $ 25,000 prize ) is for independent filmmakers of outstanding talent who have not yet received the due recognition.
  • The prize is awarded irregularly.

Winner of the prize for the best film

Winner of the prize for the best debut film

Winner of the best foreign film