Wybo Veldman

Gerard Wybo Veldman ( born October 21, 1946 in Padang, Sumatra ) is a former New Zealand rower, the 1972 Olympic champion in the eighth.

Veldman was born as the son of Dutch parents in what is now Indonesia. He started for the Whakatane Rowing Club. At the 1968 Olympic Games, he finished with the eighth to fourth place. At the World Cup 1970 in St. Catharines Gilbert Cawood, John Hunter and Wybo Veldman were off the back of 1968 on it. In the occupation of Warren Cole, Wybo Veldman, Murray Watkinson, John Hunter, Dick Joyce, Dudley Storey, Gary Robertson, Gilbert Cawood and helmsman Simon Dickie coached by Rusty Robertson boat won third place behind the boats from the GDR and the Soviet Union.

After some changes to the aft In 1971 at the European Championships in Copenhagen in the cast Tony Hurt, Wybo Veldman, Dick Joyce, John Hunter, Lindsay Wilson, Athol Earl, Trevor Coker, Gary Robertson and Simon Dickie and won before the boats from the GDR and the Soviet Union.

At the Olympic Games in 1972 at the Rowing Course near Munich, the New Zealand Roller won in the same cast as in 1971 in Copenhagen, his heat, but lost in the semifinals of the eight Germany. Apparently, the New Zealanders had but merely saving powers, because in the Olympic final won the New Zealand boat safe from the boats from the United States and the GDR, the boats from the Soviet Union and the Federal Republic of Germany remained behind without medals.