Nindorf, Rendsburg-Eckernförde

Nindorf is a municipality in the district of Rendsburg -Eckernförde in Schleswig -Holstein.

Geography and transport

Nindorf lies on the northwestern slope of the lokal ridge in the natural park Aukrug. In addition to wet meadows and loamy arable soils can be observed in the field, Mark, a high proportion of forest. Rendsburg, Neumünster and Itzehoe are each about 20 to 25 kilometers away. From 1901 to 1957 was Nindorf station Rendsburgerstrasse circular path.


The place belongs to the Holstein Urdörfern. Testify 25 megalithic tombs of the Late Bronze Age, archaeological finds from the Iron Age and the Migration Period and the field names. The name recalls the ancient settlement that was in the battles between turns and Holstein completely destroyed and then recreated in the year 1000 right in the middle of his field Mark as planned Angersdorf. South of Nindorf was until 1998 the official warning Hohenwestedt (coordinates: 54 ° 7 ' 11 "N, 9 ° 42 ' 42" O54.1197222222229.7116666666667 )

Nindorf was three times national winner in the competition Our village is beautiful.


The voters Community KWG since the municipal election 2013, all nine seats in the municipal council.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " Over green sign foot a golden hill on blue bottom, covered by a silver, open at the top and ending in a deciduous leaf left and right ring out of the five narrow, upward along the line of hills verstutzte on green silver, blue on gold piles grow. "


The location is rural and in addition to farms across multiple businesses. Close to shops are to be found in Hohenwestedt, Nortorf and Aukrug - Innien. The closed village complex facilitated at all times a close neighborly cooperation and the implementation of major joint tasks as the central water supply through a club or the central waste water disposal which created by the community Nindorf as the first municipality in the district in 1984 at a cost of € 1.18 million been. 1998, a new building area was recorded with 23 land and passed the Dörpshuus its determination in 2003 in the town as part of a landscape plan.