2005 World Rowing Championships

The World Rowing Championships 2005 ( Jap. 2005年FISA世界 ボート 選手権 大会, 2005 NEN FISA Sekai Boto Senshukentaikai ) were Nagaragawa International Regatta Course in Kaizu, Gifu Prefecture in Japan held between 28 August and 4 September 2005. The 28th World Championships were the first World Rowing Championships, which were held in Asia. More than a thousand athletes participated.

  • 2.1 Men and women
  • 2.2 handicaps




The World Cup race in the handicap classes are usually held on the Paralympic distance of 1000 meters. Only at the World Rowing Championships 2005, the world champion title in the LTA mixed four with coxswain was extended as a test measure over the Olympic distance of 2000 meters.

Medal Tally

Men and women