1950–51 Czechoslovak Extraliga season

The season 1950/51 1st League was the eighth regular hosting of the highest Hockey Class of Czechoslovakia. With a total of 18 points, the ZSJ SKP České Budějovice sat just one point ahead of ahead of the competition. For the team from České Budějovice, it was their first Czechoslovakian league title at all.


The League was held in a common main round of teams. Due to the implementation of the outgoing and return the league, the total number of matches per team in the main round was 14 games. Master was the first main round. The plan was the relegation of teams ranked seven and eight, but since an increase in the league was decided on a total of 18 teams during the season, no team dismounted.


Best scorer of the league was Čeněk Pícha of Master ZSJ SKP České Budějovice, who scored 24 goals in the 14 games of his team.

Champion team of ZSJ SKP České Budějovice