1962–63 Czechoslovak Extraliga season

The season 1962/63 1st League was the 20th regular hosting of the highest Hockey Class of Czechoslovakia. With 55 points after the final round ZKL RH Brno prevailed. For the team it was their eighth Czechoslovak league titles at all.


As in the preseason attended twelve teams at the game operation of the first league that challenged the main round in a common group. After completion of the outgoing and return the total number of matches per team was 22 games. Then played the first six teams from the master, and the remaining six teams played for the league. Champion was the winner of the final round. The two last-place teams in the relegation round up directly from the 2nd league. Both final and relegation round took place in return game so that each team again played ten games. The points from the main round were taken in both groups.

Main Round

Final round

Champion team of ZKL Rudá Hvězda Brno

Relegation round

Best scorer of the league was Jaroslav Volf TJ SONP Kladno, who scored 28 goals in his 32 games of his team.

1st League qualifier

The two winners of their respective 2nd League Group Dukla Litoměřice and TJ Gottwaldov, went up into the first league for the next season.