Lixhausen is a commune with 350 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Bas- Rhin in the Alsace region.


Lixhausen is located in Pays de la Zorn ( land of the anger ) on the D7, 28 kilometers north- west of Strasbourg, 18 kilometers south-west of Haguenau and 15 kilometers northeast of Saverne. Neighboring communities of Lixhausen are Issenhausen the northwest, ring village in the northeast, Boss village in the south and Wicker Home Wilshausen in the southwest. The municipality covers 329 hectares, the average altitude is 208 meters above sea level, the Mairie stands at a height of 172 meters. The creek ditch flows through the municipal area.

Lixhausen is a climate of type Cfb ( according to Köppen and Geiger ) assigned: Warm Temperate rain climate ( C ), fully wet ( f), the warmest month below 22 ° C, at least four months above 10 ° C ( b). There is a maritime climate with moderate summer.


The place name is probably composed of the Old High German name Liutold and the local suffix " -sen ", which is derived from the Old High German hus. Hus means house, live means settlement. So the place name means "settlement of Liutold ". Places with the ending -sen ( Century 8 - 10th ) are typical of settlements of the Merovingian (5th - 8th century) but were still in the Carolingian period established ..

The village belonged to the monastery White Castle. After that they belonged to the kingdom of the bailiwick of Haguenau, which meant that Lixhausen was confirmed in the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia as an imperial village. The parish belonged to the 19th century to Bossdorf. In the ancien régime one half of the tithe was paid to the county of Hanau -Lichtenberg and the other half to the bishopric of Speyer.



Lixhausen part of the community association Pays de la anger. The coat of arms of the municipality is the Patron Saint Nabor is ( † about 304), who holds a silver sword.


Major lines of business of Lixhausenois (residents ) are agriculture, animal feed production, viticulture and the breeding of domestic animals.