Wyk auf Föhr

Wyk auf Foehr (short: Wyk, Frisian: Wik or a Wik, in Low German: De Wyk, also De Wiek, Danish: Vyk, probably originating from wiek = bay ) is a town in the district of North Friesland Schleswig -Holstein. The metropolitan area of the North Sea Health Spa consists of the downtown area and the city Boldixum ( Frisian Bualigsem ) and South Beach.

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Wyk is the southeast corner of the North Frisian island of Foehr. In Wyk 4500 inhabitants with main residence, but in the season to keep about 20,000 people in the city. The city has central place function for the islands of Fohr and Amrum ( freight and ferry port, shopping center, pedestrian zone, specialists, hospital, public library, post office, etc.) and is the seat of the Office Fohr Amrum and the social center for the islands of Fohr and Amrum. In the other eleven municipalities of the island of Foehr live another 4200 inhabitants. The main source of income is tourism Wyk.

Neighboring communities

Wyk bordering the two communities Wrixum and Nieblum.


1704 Wyk received the harbor justice, two years later the rights of a patch. In 1800, Wyk had to deal with economic problems. Thus, the population decreased from 772 in 1788 to 582 ( 1820), about a quarter of the buildings had fallen.

In 1819, Wyk became the first seaside resort in the Duchy of Schleswig. Previously, the seaside resort of Heiligendamm and 1797 the East Frisian North Sea resort of Norderney had been established in 1794. In the first year were 61 guests, in 1820 there were 102, but not until 1840 about 200 from 1842 to 1847 chose the Danish King Christian VIII Wyk for his holidays, which brought many new tourists. 1844 followed him Hans Christian Andersen, on the bathroom said: I have a bath every day, and I must say it is the most memorable water in which I have been. But Andersen also brought the problems to the point of arrival. From Hamburg via country had to reckon with four days of travel time a traveler; by ship via Helgoland it only took two, but meant the risk of seasickness.

1910 Wyk received its town charter in 1924 Boldixum was incorporated.

During the pogroms in November 1938, there were attacks on Jewish families and the children of the Jewish children's home had to go through a trellis Föhrer pupils who cursed and spat on, to leave the island. Shortly before the war ended in 1945 involved the engineering school for aerospace engineering ( IfL) in Wyk quarters for the summer semester. She continued to work even after the surrender and was closed until 17 August 1945.

Since 1950, Wyk is titled Nordseeheilbad.


The Municipal Corporation

The town council is made up of 17 council women and councilors.

  • Municipal Community ( KG ) 5 seats
  • CDU 5 seats
  • SPD 4 seats
  • Green 3 seats

( Term 2013-2018 )


Paul Raffelhüschen (CDU ) has been elected for the 2013-2018 term as mayor.

Coat of arms

Blazon: ". Over blue waves in a golden red, of damaged three-masted 17th century sail without and with broken spars, surmounted by a golden, six-pointed star"

The Latin motto on the banner below the crest is: Incertum quo fata ferunt, which in German means something like: " It is uncertain where the destiny leads ".


The town of Wyk is sister city of Mittenwald in Bavaria.


In the urban area Wyk in the field Olhörn is a lighthouse. Frisian customs and history Wyk shown in Dr. Carl- Haeberlin Fries Museum, the two entrance portals are formed by two Walkieferknochen.

The Church of St. Nicolai is a Romanesque church building from the 13th century and is located in the district Boldixum. It has a colorful and rich interior.

In 1974, the Catholic St. Mary's Church was built on Rebbelstieg.

Economy and infrastructure


The promenade Sandwall granted not only the view of the North Sea, but also the estimated heard of Christian VIII views of the holms. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful German lakeside promenades.

Not least by the resident clinics and recreational facilities Wyk is independent of seasons throughout the year, a highly frequented health resort.

In 2002, Wyk auf Foehr belonged to the ten most important centers of Schleswig -Holstein tourism: 46,368 guests, of which 325 (0.70 percent) from abroad, booked 492 041 overnight stays. The town had 4733 beds.

In 2011, the number of overnight stays was about 540,000, but declined slightly.


Wyk is the only port on the island Foehr to the ferry terminal and the inland port ( crabs and shellfish fisheries, and the island supply ) and the marina.

From the Ferry Wyk consist of several times a day and with a body independent of the tide schedule regular connections with ferries to the mainland port Dagebüll. In the opposite direction ferries to Wittdün on the neighboring island Amrum. Operator of the ferry is the Wyk Steamship Company (WDR ), headquartered in Wyk auf Foehr.

In addition, excursions are to the Halligers Langeneß and Hooge and during the summer season for boat connections to Hoernum on Sylt ( one departure per day).

Wyk can be reached via the airport located in the city area Wyk by plane.

From Wyk from existing bus services to all municipalities of the island Foehr.



  • Evangelical Kindergarten St Nicolai and Nature Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten AWO
  • Kindergarten " The island children "
  • Vyk Børnehave, Danish kindergarten


  • Rum - hard - school, primary school with support center
  • Eilun Feer Skuul, high school and regional school
  • Vyk Danske Skole, Danish primary and community school (up to 8th grade )

Other education and training

  • Music School Foehr ( branch of the Music School North Friesland)
  • Community College Foehr

Health service

Wyk is the site of a small hospital ( Clinic Foehr island Amrum the Hospital North Friesland).

In addition, located in the town of Wyk some rehabilitation clinics ( oncology ), a health clinic for mother and child recreation centers various public and private support.

Elderly Care

There is also in the city Wyk an elderly care facility (John Wyk auf Foehr ) NDS North German diaconal services for seniors gGmbH.


Wyk auf Foehr is home to the editorial office of the newspaper The Island Messenger, which belongs to the Schleswig -Holstein newspaper publisher.



Sons and daughters of the town

  • Stine Andresen (1849-1927), born in Boldixum, poet
  • Julius Stockfleth (1857-1935), draftsman and painter
  • Friedrich Christiansen (1879-1972), fighter pilot, General and convicted war criminals
  • Knud Knudsen Broder (1912-2000), politician
  • Hans von Storch ( b. 1949 ), climatologist and meteorologist
  • Arfst Wagner (born 1954 ), Waldorf teacher and editor, a member of parliament ( Alliance 90/The Greens )
  • Marret Bohn (* 1964), politician ( Alliance 90/The Greens ) and Member of Parliament
  • Olaf Schmidt ( * 1971 ), German writer and journalist
  • Nis - Momme Stockmann (* 1981), German author and theater director
  • Stina Barnert (* 1989), German basketball national team (formerly Wyk TB, today Saarlouis Royals )

With Wyk auf Foehr connected

  • Johann Strauss (1825-1899), recorded his impressions of Wyk and the honeymoon in 1878 with his second wife, Angelika, called " Lili " in his waltz North Sea Pictures (Op. 390)
  • Sidonie Werner (1860-1932), social reformer, founded the Home for Jewish children at risk of tuberculosis (1927-1938) in Wyk auf Foehr
  • Carl Gmelin (1863-1941), MD, medical officer, founded 1898, the North Sea sanatorium in Wyk
  • Carl Häberlin (1870-1954), founder of the Friesen Museum and Fries researchers
  • Hellmuth von Mücke (1881-1957), an officer in the Imperial Navy, lived 1929-1940 in Wyk
  • Hans -Jürgen von Maydell (Baron Maydell; 1932-2010 ), forest scientists, in 1952, was graduated from high school here
  • Heidrun Hesse (1951-2007), professor of philosophy, died here
  • Dietmar Kuegler (* 1951), publisher and writer, founded in 1983 in Wyk the " Publisher of American Studies "


The aquaWyk on the beach promenade Wyk

The wall of sand in Wyk

The wall of sand, sea side

The North Frisia ferry before Wyk

The lighthouse Olhörn in the extreme southeast of Foehr

The Haeberlin Fries Museum in Wyk

Wyk east beach, in the background Langeneß