Knoxville Cherokees

The Knoxville Cherokees were an American Hockey franchise from Knoxville, Tennessee. The Knoxville Cherokees were one of the five founding teams of the East Coast Hockey League. The venue of the Cherokees was the James White Civic Coliseum.


The franchise was founded in 1988 and took his game mode in the newly established East Coast Hockey League. Head coach, Pierre Hamel, who played during his career in the NHL. The Cherokees reached in its first season of 65 points, which they finished third in the group and failed to qualify for the play- offs. In the first round they were subject to the Johnstown Chiefs already in four games. In the following season the Cherokees won just 48 points and missed the playoffs. In the season 1990/91 the Cherokees achieved the best regular season of franchise history. With 97 points, they won the West Division and the Henry Brabham Cup, but failed again in the first playoff round at the Louisville Icehawks. In the following two years, the playoffs have been missed. In the last four seasons of the franchise the Cherokees succeeded three times the Final Tournament, but where they could only 1995/96 to the second round. In 1997, the franchise was disbanded and moved to Florence, South Carolina, where a new franchise was founded under the name Pee Dee Pride.

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