Roseburg, Schleswig-Holstein

Roseburg is a municipality in the district of Lauenburg, in Schleswig- Holstein.

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The village was first mentioned in Ratzeburg tithe register of 1230 for the first time. Roseburg belonged to the nobles Good Wotersen. With the dissolution of the estate districts in the late 1920s it belongs with the famous mansion to the municipality Roseburg.


Coat of arms

Blazon: ". Battlements Over red shield foot in silver a red, left and right of occupied each with a silver brick Drilling thread, covered by a five-petalled black veined golden rose with red slugs and five green sepals "


In the list of cultural monuments in Roseburg are registered in the list of monuments of Schleswig- Holstein cultural monuments.


The stately mansion of dreiflügliche Good Wotersen was built in 1721-1737 for von Bernstorff. The architect was Paul Heumann. The elfachsige main building is two storeys to three main courtyard and the garden. The estate remained in the family until 1996 von Bernstorff.

Not only the mansion, but the whole manor is very impressive. It is very uncommon for some farm buildings were built of rock stones. Nationwide, the estate was known by the ZDF series " The legacy of Guldenburgs ".


The writer Peter Rühmkorf (1929-2008) died in Roseburg.


Good Wotersen - Warehouse