Charles Hays

Charles Hays ( * February 2, 1834 at Mount Hays near Boligee, Greene County, Alabama, † June 24, 1879 at Myrtle Hall, Greene County, Alabama ) was an American politician and officer in the Confederate Army.


Charles Hays was taught by private tutors, where he completed his preparatory studies. He attended the University of Georgia in Athens and the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Then he ran a cotton plantation and went after other agricultural activities.

Hays was started in 1860 as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Baltimore in part. After the outbreak of the American Civil War, he enlisted in the Confederate Army, where he most recently held the rank of Major.

He also pursued a political career. He took 1867 of the Constituent Assembly of Alabama in part. In the following year he served in the Senate from Alabama. Hays was elected as a Republican in the 41st U.S. Congress and reelected to the three succeeding U.S. Congresses. He served in the U.S. House of Representatives on 4 March 1869 to 3 March 1877. During this time, he had presided over the Committee on Agriculture ( 43 U.S. Congress ).

Hays died in 1879 in his home, Myrtle Hall, in Greene County ( Alabama). He was buried in the family cemetery on the Mount Hays plantation.