Milford W. Howard

Milford Wriarson Howard ( * December 18, 1862 in Rome, Floyd County, Georgia, † December 28, 1937 in Los Angeles, California ) was an American politician ( Populist Party ).


Milford Howard visited community schools. He studied law in Cedartown (Georgia ) and then moved in 1880 to Fort Payne (Alabama ). He was admitted as a solicitor in 1881 and then started in Fort Payne to the practice. Howard was elected to the 54th U.S. Congress and re-elected in the following 55 U.S. Congress. He decided in 1898 against a candidacy for the 56th U.S. Congress. Howard worked in the U.S. House of Representatives on 4 March 1895 to 3 March 1899. After the expiration of his term he returned to his job back as a lawyer. He moved in 1918 to Montrose (California), where he worked as a writer. Howard returned in 1923 to Fort Payne back. There he founded the Master schools for underprivileged children. Furthermore, he went further by literary works and engaged in educational work.

Howard died on December 28, 1937 in Los Angeles. His body was transferred to Alabama, where he was in His Shrine Chapel, above the Lookout Mountain, near Mentone, buried.