Edmund Strother Dargan

Edmund Strother Dargan (* April 15, 1805 in Wadesboro, Montgomery County, North Carolina, † November 22, 1879 in Mobile, Alabama) was an American lawyer and politician who represented the state of Alabama in the U.S. House of Representatives and in the Konföderiertenkongress.

Edmund Dargan was taught as a boy at home, then studied law and was admitted in 1829 in Wadesboro to the bar. He later moved to Washington in Alabama, where he worked as a lawyer and served as justice of the peace for several years. After that, he lived first in Montgomery, and finally from 1841 in Mobile. There he became a judge at the district court. In 1844 he was State Senator; In the same year he took over the mayor's office in Mobile.

On March 4, 1845 Dargan pulled as a Democrat to the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington. He did not applied for the re-election and retired after one term on March 3, 1847 from. After that, he was Associate Judge of the Alabama Supreme Court, which he chairs took over in 1849. He resigned in 1852 and again worked as a lawyer.

In 1861 Dargan participated as a delegate to the Secession Convention of Alabama; he voted there for the elimination of the state of the Union. During the Civil War he was then a Member of the House of Representatives in the first Konföderiertenkongress. After the war he was again a lawyer in Mobile, where he also died in 1879.