Clutter is a municipality in the district of Dithmarschen in Schleswig-Holstein.

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The municipality is located on the Lundener Spit near the central town in the north Lunden Dithmarschens.


For the first time stuff was mentioned in documents in 1231. Whether it be at the time were the Celts, who founded the Cremböl from which nowadays clutter originated, is unclear. While Lunden experienced a glorious time with flourishing trade to clutter developed in the shadow of the neighboring community to a predominantly agricultural village. Even in historical times, most farmers were dependent on a sideline in the marsh or bog for livelihood. Today, the community has changed from the sand dune to the modern residential community.


Of the nine seats in the municipal council has the SPD since the local elections in 2013 five seats and voters Community WGK four.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " Split of gold and green. Front half, red reinforced black eagle at the opening, behind a rooted silver pine. "

The eagle is in contrast to the irrepressible Nordic coat of arms lion, the Danish, Schleswig Holstein and rulers who had often threatened the freedom Dithmarschens, vigilance and valor of the parish summon. Half the imperial eagle should also demonstrate figuratively, that, similar to subordinate like the free imperial cities, only the German Empire and its emperors and belonging felt, and not any princes. The knotty pine symbolizes the struggle of the people to assert themselves on the barren Dune (recently are in the town of clutter extensive plantations of coniferous forest ) and both in the West to make as in the east, the landscape ( once lake and sea ) arable and fertile.

Economy and infrastructure


The community stuff is right on the line Hamburg- Westerland. By the feeder road of B 5 at Hemme and Karolinenkoog in approximately 6 km away and the A23 is easily accessible.

Established businesses

In clutter numerous craft and service companies are established, such as an automotive repair shop, construction and civil engineering contractors, plumbing and heating operation and a electrician operation.


For the children of the community a primary school in the neighboring village Lunden is available, as well as the junior high school, special school and the kindergarten. High schools are located in heath or Husum and can easily be reached by bus and train. A train station is located about 1 km in Lunden.