1995 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships

The 19th World Youth Championships U- 20 found this year at the following times and in the following locations:

The qualifying tournament for the C1 group was held from 3 to 5 September 1994 in Minsk in Belarus.

Total reported 30 teams for this junior world championships. In order to absorb the onslaught, now a C2 group was also set up in the junior section. Since, according to the rules of the previous year of the Eighth C- WM should be replaced by a qualifier, a qualification were held this year again. At their teams took part in the squares 3-5 qualifying C- 1994 World Cup. The winner of this qualification was qualified for the C1 group, the loser had to play in the C2 group. They met here at the World Cup newcomers as well as those teams who had landed in the qualification of the previous year on the courts 6 and 7. In addition, the A- group should be increased from eight to ten teams from the following year; so there were no losers in this year, when two climbers. Playing at home, Canada celebrated his eighth world title.

  • 2.1 Games and Final Table
  • 2.2 ascent and descent
  • 2.3 Awards
  • 4.1 Preliminary
  • 4.2 final and classification matches
  • 4.3 final placement of C1 - WM
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  • 5.1 Games and Final Table
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A World Championship

The tournament of the A group was held in the Canadian Red Deer, Alberta. Other side venues were Leduc, Spruce Grove, Innisfail, Stettler, Edmonton, Rocky Mountain House, Calgary, Wetaskiwin, Sherwood Park, Lacombe, Ponoka and Camrose.

Games and Final Table

Best Scorer

Note: GP = Games, B = Goals, A = Assists, Pts = Points, / - = Plus / Minus, PIM = penalty minutes; Fat: Turnierbestwert

Title, ascent and descent


B World Cup ( in Rouen, Caen, among others, France)

Games and Final Table

Ascent and Descent


Qualification for C1 World Cup ( in Minsk, Belarus )

C1 World Cup

The tournament of the C1 group was in Puigcerda, Spain, played out.

Preliminary round

Finals and placement matches

Final placement of C1 - WM

Ascent and Descent

C2 World Cup

The C2 - tournament was held in Tallinn (Estonia).

Games and Final Table

Ascent and Descent