Reudelsterz is a municipality in the district of Mayen -Koblenz in Rhineland -Palatinate, she belongs to the municipality Vordereifel, which has its administrative headquarters in Mayen.


The place is located west of Mayen in the vicinity of the B 258 to Reudelsterz also includes the hamlet Hirtenberger courtyards.


Reudelsterz ( 1350 Rodensteyrezz ) belonged to the large parish and Kurtrierischen City Court Mayen, before he came to the parish church Monreal 1804. St. Bartholomew's chapel dates from 1758.

The development of the population of Reudelsterz, the values ​​from 1871 to 1987 based on population censuses:


Parish council

The local council in Reudelsterz consists of eight council members, who were elected at the municipal election held on 7 June 2009 by majority vote, and the honorary mayor as chairman.


Since 2007 Claus knob mayor of Reudelsterz. He replaced Peter Kirst.

Coat of arms

The official description reads: " Under a silver shield head, in the red Kurtrierische Cross, from blue to silver left diagonally divided, above a silver knife rightist, leftist below a blue ax cutting down ".

While the ax for grubbing is the knife plays on the attribute of the local chapel'sýpatron at St. Bartholomew.