Ditscheid is a municipality in the district of Mayen -Koblenz in Rhineland- Palatinate. It belongs to the municipality Vordereifel, which has its administrative headquarters in Mayen.


The community is located 17 km south-west of Mayen in the Elz. Dexter opens the Kalenborner Bach in the Elz. To Ditscheid include residential places Ditscheider mill and house Gebhard.


The first mention of a place called Dickensceit or Dicheset can be found in the Product Classification of pin carding of 1100 or in the confirmation of such services by Pope Urban III. . Whether this is from the year 1186 to Ditscheid how many authors assume, is not fully understood. In the literature, there is also the interpretation as Dickenschied in the Hunsrück. But speak the proximity to cards and other documents mentioned in these villages for Ditscheid.

1893 was the teacher Steffens following in the chronicle: " The village is located southwest Ditscheid about 13 km from Mayen on the left side of the Elz about 1.5 km from the same distance. Its population was at the last census in 1890: 138th Ditscheid currently has 28 citizens ( here are probably meant houses or families). The inhabitants engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. Only a craftsman is here itself, namely a blacksmith. Ditscheid forms with Anschau from 1837 to 1888, a school association. "

The Chapel of St. Apollonia in the middle of the town dates back to the year 1850.


Parish council

The local council in Ditscheid consists of six council members, who were elected at the municipal election held on 7 June 2009 by majority vote, and the honorary mayor as chairman.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms description reads: " Under blue shield head, in a silver tongs in Gold 7 (4:3) to 2 bars strung together red diamonds ".

The silver tongs is the attribute of Saint Apollonia, the patroness of local Ditscheid. The lower part of the shield coat of arms contains the coat of arms of the Counts of Virneburg to their rule, the village belonged.