Weiler, Mayen-Koblenz

Weiler is a municipality in the district of Mayen -Koblenz in Rhineland- Palatinate. It belongs to the municipality Vordereifel, which has its administrative headquarters in Mayen.

Community structure

To the local community also includes the hamlet district Niederelz and residential places Waldhof, hamlets and farms Wiesbach mill.

Population Development

The development of the population of the municipality hamlet, the values ​​from 1871 to 1987 based on population censuses:


Parish council

The local council in hamlet consists of twelve council members, who were elected at the municipal election held on 7 June 2009 by majority vote, and the honorary mayor as chairman.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms description reads: " Over red sign foot, is a golden rose with silver slugs, in gold, a red Gemerke in the form of a slightly oblique left-oblique verstutzten up and down the pole, stick out a nose from the acutely angled above left two noses and down to the right, top right and bottom left of each a red diamond accompanied ".


The Catholic parish hamlet is mentioned 831 as part of the large parish Nachtsheim in a document of Trier Archbishop Hetti. The church is dedicated to St. Castor Castor of cards. It now belongs to the pastoral care unit Nachtsheim.


  • Andrea Nahles (* 1970), literary scholar, politician (SPD )