Ettringen, Mayen-Koblenz

Ettringen is a municipality in the district of Mayen -Koblenz in Rhineland- Palatinate. It belongs to the municipality Vordereifel, which has its administrative headquarters in Mayen.

Geographical location

Ettringen is located on the eastern edge of the High Eifel approximately 3 km (direct distance) north-east of Mayen. It lies between the mountains Hochsimmer in the west-north -west, the north and Hochstein Ettringer Bellerberg (including ( 587.9 m above sea level. ) ( 562.5 m above sea level. ): . " Ettringer Bell Mountain"; 427.5 m above sea level ) in the south.

On the Ettringer mountain high Always is the observation tower Hochsimmer tower from which if the weather among other things, the Cologne Cathedral can be seen. The Hochstein is known throughout the legendary high cave. The Bellerberg is worth seeing because of its craters.


Ettringite, a mineral of volcanic origin, is named after its place of discovery Ettringen. Ettringen is the only place in Germany where the mineral Kinoshitalith has been found so far.


  • Archaeological finds point back to a settlement to the time of the Romans and Celts.
  • 1189 Ettringen first mentioned, in the context of a Heinrich von Ethrich ( Ettringen ), one of the bailiffs of the court Brodenheim ( in a document of Cologne Archbishop Philip I of Heinberg concerning a contract of Abbot Henry of St. Pantaleon in Cologne the overseers of this court ).
  • 1366 is first documented a pastor of Ettringen, namely pastor Winand called.
  • In the Middle Ages Ettringen was one of the 14 villages of the Pellenz
  • Middle of the 19th century, ore mining and stone industry developed ( basalt and tuff ).

Parish council

The local council in Ettringen consists of 20 council members, who were elected at the municipal election held on 7 June 2009 of personalized proportional representation, and the honorary mayor as chairman.

The distribution of seats in the local council:


  • Basalt lava pit fields and tuff pits on the regional road " L 82 ".
  • The Past Lay, where 200,000 years ago, one of the three streams of lava of the volcano Bellerberg flowed along, has been added to the volcano park project of the district of Mayen -Koblenz. You can see up to 30 m deep mining pits ( Lay ), basalt columns and old electric cranes ( Layenkräne ). The basalt walls are used by climbers ( climbers ); a section of the German Alpine Association in charge of the premises.
  • Lookout tower Hochsimmer tower on the hill Hochsimmer

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View from Ettringer Bellerberg

Layenkräne at the Ettringer Lay