Bernhard Lehmann

Bernhard Lehmann ( born January 11, 1948 in Grossraeschen ) is a retired German bobsledder.

Bernard's father was Helmut Lehmann, coach of handball league team tractor Lommatzsch and thus he was first field handball player. At 17 he was allowed to play with a special permit for activists Sedlitz and the District selection of Cottbus. Professionally, he pursued a career as an officer in the NVA. There he won the 1973 Remote competition consisting of a 3000m run, Tauklettern and hand grenades long cast. As a sports officer Lieutenant was eventually used in Oranienburg and in the district of Magdeburg. In 1974, he signed up at ASK forward Oberhof as Bobsportler, where he was coached by Eric Enders.

It took only half a year until he was fifth in the GDR Championships and second in the pre-Olympic test in Igls with Jochen Babock. In 1976 he was brakeman in Meinhard taker Bobsled and won with this gold medal at the Olympic Winter Games in Innsbruck and at the World Championships in Igls. Then Lehmann was bob pilot. In 1983, he won the title at the European Championships in Igls in two. In 1984 he was East German champion in two. The 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, he finished in two bobs with his Anschiebercrew Bogdan Musiol, Ingo Voge and Eberhard way as a silver medalist behind compatriot Wolfgang Hoppe. In the year after the Games was Lehmann world champion in four. At the end of his career, he once again took part in the Olympic Games in Calgary and won the bronze medal in the two-man bob.

After the fall of Lehmann, who now lives in Winterberg, country manager of North Rhine-Westphalia was, today he trains Kiriasis.